Contribution of dairy industry to indian economy

Progeny Testing Scheme Ninth Five Year Plan: For small farmers, landless and agriculture labourers, the livestock sector is giving sustainity for their lives. It was launched in at Hissarghatta in Karnataka. This third Phase mainly focused on the strengthening of dairy co-operation.

It is a rich source of high quality foods such as milk, meat and eggs. The focus is on the development of value-added products. Milk Procurement Table 14 By giving proper attention on feeding and utilizing latest innovation in nutrition we can ensure healthy growth with high economic yields from livestock animals.

It was launched in by BAIF for improving the superior germplasm in own indigenous cattle in U. Most of the significant developments in dairying have taken place in India in this century only.

The agriculture byproducts provide feed and fodder for cited whereas cattle provides manure, draught power for various agricultural operations. At present about 55 districts of the states are covered under dairy development programme of co-operative sector.

An efficient animal management is the result of better breeding balanced feeding, health care and hygienic managerial practices.

Development of Dairy Industry in India

Then it was extended to Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Cottage Cheese Paneer Market Size: There exists a symbiotic relationship between agriculture and livestock farming.

The other objectives of this project were: A massive cross-breeding programme has been initiated jointly by Project Directorate on Cattle, Meerut U. The objectives of this scheme are as follows: Indicators of Dairy Development: Provision of 50 crores as credit loan to encourage the commercial dairy farms.

Co-operative Profile in India: Dairying contributes close to the third of the gross income of rural household and in the case of those without land; it attributes nearly half of their gross income.

The organized dairies in India have been successfully engaged in the routine commercial production of pasteurized bottled milk for Indian dairy products. A Heifer Rearing Scheme:. Contribution of Agriculture sector in Indian economy is much higher than world's average (%).

Contribution of Industry and Services sector is lower than world's average % for Industry sector and % for Services sector. FUTURE OF DAIRY INDUSTRY IN INDIA By:Daksh Mahajan (MBA batch(),Ambedkar University,Dwarka campus,Delhi) Dairying has played an important role in strengthening India’s rural economy.

It has been recognised as an instrumental to bring about socio – economic transformation. Livestock plays an important role in Indian economy.

About million people depend upon livestock for their livelihood. Livestock contributed 16% to the income of small farm households as against an average of 14% for all rural households.

Role of Livestock in Indian Economy

Livestock provides livelihood to two-third of rural community. The economic importance of dairying Dairy is a universal agricultural production: people milk dairy animals in almost every country across the world, and up to one billion people live on dairy farms.

It is a vital part of the global food system and it plays a key role in the sustainability of rural areas in particular. Development of Dairy Industry in India! Livestock Industry: Livestock plays an important role in socio-economic life of India.

It is a rich source of high quality foods such as milk, meat and eggs. With large human population and economically strong potential consumers the demand for food products is increasing rapidly.

The dairy industry is a significant contributor to India’s GDP, providing livelihoods to a significant considered to be the key factor that creates an impact in the Indian economy as well as the acceptability of the life index.

India being an agrarian economy relies on agriculture for its Microsoft Word - Dairy Sector Report

Contribution of dairy industry to indian economy
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The economic importance of dairying -